The members of the Edmond J. Safra Center successfully obtained funding from major agencies to support their innovative research

Israel Science Foundation

$254,000 to Dr. Amit Yashar (2018-2023) – Investigation of visual attention and perceptual learning in visual crowding

$123,000 to Dr. Amit Yashar (2018-2021)- Systems for vision research in humans

$260,000 to Prof. Anat Prior and Dr. Tamar Degani (2018-2023)- Wahad (1), Shtaim (2), Three (3): Cross-language influences and cognitive control in third language processing

$140,000 to Prof. Asaid Khateb (2019-2022)- Brain correlates of accuracy-disabled vs rate-disabled reading: A behavioral and event-related potential study

$350,000 to Prof. Bat- Sheva Hadad (2020-2025)- Inferred perception in Autism

$300,000 to Prof. Orly Rubinsten (2019-2023)- Math anxiety effects on problem solving: A metacognitive perspective

$229,000 to Prof. David Share (2020-2023)- Keeping an eye on effort: A pupillometric investigation of effort and effortlessness in typical and disabled readers’ visual word recognition


Israel Ministry of Education

$225,000 to Prof. Tami Katzir, Dr. Shelley Shaul, and Dr. Orly Lipka (2018-2021)- The effect of early intervention on reading acquisition

$123,000 to Dr. Noga Cohen, Dr. Joy Benatov & Dr. Dana Lassri (2021-2022)- Well-being of kindergarten children and teachers during the Coronavirus pandemic

$15,500 to Dr. Orly Lipka and Dr. Miri Sarid (2020-2021)- Elementary teachers’ coping with teaching during COVID-19: Professional and emotional perspectives

Bial Foundation

$54,000 to Prof. Aviva Berkovich-Ohana and Dr. Yair Dor-Ziderman (2021-2022)-  Understanding the brain mechanisms of death-denial for fostering mindfulness-based existential resilience

German Science Foundation

$380,000 to Prof. Anat Prior, Prof. Shuly Wintner, and Prof. Anke Ludeling (2018-2022)- Cross-lingual varieties: A multi-faceted investigation

The Public Health and Safety Organization

United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation

$280,000 to Dr. Yafit Gabay, Prof. Avi Karni, and Prof. Lori Holt (2018-2022)- Auditory category learning

The National Institute for Psychobiology in Israel

$100,000 to Prof. Bat-Sheva Hadad and Dr. Maya Benish-Weisman (2018-2020)- Perceptual sensitivity as the missing link in the effects of GxE interactions on anxiety

$25,000 to Dr. Yafit Gabay and Dr. Avi Mendelson (2018-2020)- Exploring the role of feedback timing on acquisition and consolidation of procedural learning in ADHD

$50,000 to Dr. Noga Cohen & Dr. Noam Weinbach (2021-2023)- How emotion regulation strategies influence the physiological reaction to food in women with bulimia nervosa

Ariel University

$20,000 to Dr.Maria Korman(2020-2021)- Don’t touch COVID-19

United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation

$102,000 to Dr. Yafit Gabay, Prof. Avi Karni, and Prof. Lori Holt (2016-2020)- Procedural learning in developmental dyslexia

$230,000 to Dr. Bat-Sheva Hadad and Dr. N. Russo, (2021-2025)- Development of inferred perception in autism

Joy Ventures

$20,000 to Dr. Noga Cohen & Dr. Reout Arbel (2021-2022)- Helping others as a coping strategy with stress

$40,000 to Dr. Yafit Gabay, Dr. Shai Gabay & Dr. Uri Hertz (2021-2023)- Overcoming Habits by Stimulating the Brain’s Gaze Control Network

Promobilia Foundation

$25,000 to Dr. Sarit Szpiro (2020-2022)- Augmented Reality Cues to Aid Mobility of Low Vision People

Edmond De Rotshchild Foundation

$31,000 to Dr. Orly Lipka, Prof. Vered Vaknin & Dr. Miri Sarid (2021-2022)- The influence of COVID-19 in Israel on students at the academia and youngers who are at risk