Prof. Haitham Taha

  • Reading and spelling development
  • ERP and word recognition
  • Implicit learning and learning to read
  • Verbal memory development within diglossic context

Current Projects

  • Semantic activations and word recognition
  • Asthma and cognitive development
  • Statistical Learning and literacy Acquisition among Native Arab Children

B.A  Behavioral Sciences, Ben Gurion University

M.A  Learning Disabilities, University of Haifa

Ph.D. Bar Ilan University

Post-Doctoral studies, Safra Brain Research Center for learning disabilities

  • Taha, H. (2017). Poor executive functions among children with moderate-into-severe asthma: evidence from WCST performance. Frontiers Psychology, 8.doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00793 (IF 2.46; Q1)
  • Asadi, I. A., Khateb, A., Ibrahim, R., & Taha, H. (2017). How do different cognitive and linguistic variables contribute to reading in Arabic? A cross-sectional study from first to sixth grade. Reading and Writing, 30(9), 1835-1867. (2 Citations; IF 1.44; Q1)
  • Taha, H., & Azaizah-Seh, H. (2017). Visual word recognition and vowelization in Arabic: new evidence from lexical decision task performances. Cognitive Processing, 18(4), 521-527. (IF 0.974, Q1).
  • Saiegh‐Haddad, E., & Taha, H. (2017). The Role of Morphological and Phonological Awareness in the Early Development of Word Spelling and Reading in Typically Developing and Disabled Arabic Readers. Dyslexia, 23(4), 345-371. (1 Citation; IF 1.39, Q1)
  • Eviatar, Z., Schwartz, M., & Taha, H. (2017). Word Learning by Young Sequential Bilinguals: Fast Mapping in Arabic and Hebrew. Applied Psycholinguistics, 39(3), 649-674. (IF 2.089, Q1).
  • Eviatar, Z., Schwartz, M., & Taha, H. (2018). Metalinguistic Awareness and Literacy among Semitic-bilingual Learners: A Cross-Language Perspective. Reading and Writing: An Interdisciplinary Journal. doi: 10.1007/s11145-018-9850-9. (IF 1.44; Q1).
  • Taha, H. & Khateeb, H. (2018). Statistical Learning and Orthographic Preferences among Kindergarten and First Native Arab Graders. Writing Systems Research. doi: 10.1080/17586801.2018.1473313 (Q1)
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