Dr. Yasmin Shalhoub-Awwad

  • Reading and writing processes in normal and deficient in Arabic
  • Relationship between the development of reading and language development
  • Diagnosis and intervention in the field of learning disabilities

1995   B.A School of Education and Department of Musicology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2002   Department of Special Education, University of Haifa

2013   Ph.D. Morphological structures in visual word recognition, Departmentof Learning Disabilities, University of Haifa

2015    Post-doctoral studies, Reading Fluency – developing RAP program in Arabic, Department of Learning Disabilities, Edmond J. Safra Brain   

            Research Center for the Study of Learning Disabilities, University of Haifa.

  • Bar-On, A., Shalhoub-Awwad, Y., & Tuma, R. (in press). Contribution of phonological and morphological information in reading Arabic: A developmental Perspective. Applied Psycholinguistics. (I.F. = 1.970, Linguistics: R =16/182, Q = 1, Experimental psychology: R =43/84, Q = 3)
  • Shalhoub-Awwad, Y., (submitted). The role of nominal word pattern in Arabic reading acquisition: Insights from cross-modal priming.
  • Shalhoub-Awwad, Y., & Leikin, M. (2016). The lexical status of the root in processing morphologically complex words in Arabic. Scientific Studies of Reading, 20(4), 296-310.
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