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[otw_shortcode_tabslayout tabs=”3″ tab_1_title=”Research Interests” tab_1_content=”• Intersection of cognition and perception • The impact of learning and attention on visual perception ” tab_2_title=”Educational Background” tab_2_content=”2003 B.A in Behavioral Science, The Academic College of Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel. 2006 M.A in Cognitive Psychology, The School of Psychological Science. Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel. 2013 PhD in The School of Psychological Science, Tel-Aviv University. Postdoc in the labs of Marisa Carrasco, New York University. 2017 ” tab_3_title=”Recent publications” tab_3_content=” Yashar, A., & Denison, R. (2017). Feature reliability explains specificity and transfer of perceptual learning in orientation search. PLoS Computational Biology, 13(12), e1005882.  Yashar, A., White, A., Fang, M., & Carrasco, M. (2017). Priming of feature singleton facilitates selection but does not modulate attentional shifts. Journal of Vision, 17(9), 1–18.  Yashar, A., & Carrasco, M. (2016). Rapid and long-lasting learning of feature binding. Cognition, 154, 130-138.  Yashar, A., Chen, J., & Carrasco, M. (2015). Rapid and long-lasting reduction of crowding through training. Journal of Vision, 15(10), 1-15. “][/otw_shortcode_tabslayout]