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We're committed to building bridges from research to practice that will create an inclusive society where individuals with diverse learning needs are valued and empowered.

Who We Are?

The Edmond J. Safra Center for the Study of Brain and Learning Disabilities is an internationally renowned interdisciplinary cutting-edge research center. We specialize in creating clinical and educational solutions for Struggling Hebrew and Arabic speaking learnerss

Our ground-breaking research

We study the intricate facets of children's development including the influence of parents and teachers. This national study sets the groundwork for effective educational practices

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Teaching reading with feeling

In our professional development programs, we teach teachers to model emotional connection, showing students that reading is a source of joy and wonder, not just a skill. This approach nurtures empathy and helping students relate to characters' emotions and experiences.

Our stories with skills approach has been successfully studied in thousands of children.

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Teachers Training Programs

Whether you are an experienced teacher seeking fresh ideas or a novice looking for guidance, our center is your go-to destination for evidence-based practices, professional development opportunities, and a supportive community of fellow educators.

CPD for Teachers of Fourth-Fifth grade “Island of Understanding”

This CPD course is dedicated to Promoting Reading Comprehension, bridging cognition and emotion. This program stems from extensive research, incorporating the latest insights on reading comprehension into Israel’s education landscape.

Our approach is to inspire children to embrace reading with enthusiasm. Our lessons materials are authentic and highly relevant to student’s lives, connecting with their social, personal, and ethical interests. Imagine students embarking on a thrilling journey, stranded on a deserted island, where they must learn to survive in nature.

During this adventure, we incorporate language skills and strategy development. Throughout the course, we equip teachers with a holistic understanding of the factors that influence reading comprehension. They gain practical intervention tools and receive personalized guidance to ensure effective implementation in their classrooms.

Our comprehensive teaching kits, featuring authentic materials, psycho- pedagogical gamification tools and engaging activities, empower teachers to nurture enthusiasm and collaboration among their students.

Join the growing community of hundreds of teachers who have benefited from this
program and improved their knowledge, practices and sense of self-efficacy.

CPD for Teachers of Second-Third grade “OR”

OR is an innovative evidence-based Response to Intervention (RTI) model. We
believe that reading is a complex skill, intertwining literacy, cognitive, and emotional abilities. Following the RTI model’s principles of tailored interventions, our program offers a modular toolkit for personalized teaching.

The journey begins with a computerized classroom screening, evaluating various
skills. Based on the collected student data, we select program units and customize
the instruction to provide targeted interventions within classrooms or smaller groups. Our mission is to captivate students with engaging content directly related to their interests. The program features an empowering narrative where students join “Mr.” and “Mrs.” on thrilling adventures, conquering challenges together.

Our teacher’s professional development program equips educators with theoretical
literacy knowledge and cutting-edge, research-based tools developed to improve reading skills. We also incorporate cognitive and emotional factors like working memory, motivation, and ongoing feedback. Each OR unit comprises structured teaching materials, including a teacher’s manual, instructional videos, transcribed lesson plans, interactive slideshows, games, and worksheets. These materials incorporate techno pedagogical tools tailored to individual learner profiles, offering personalized feedback and progress monitoring.

Join hundreds of teachers nationwide who have benefited from our OR teacher training program, guided by our expert team from the Safra Center.

CPD for teachers of grades 1-6 

This program was specifically designed to address the significant gaps in vocabulary knowledge, a crucial factor in reading comprehension, particularly among bilingual and disadvantaged students.

Implemented as a tailored continuing professional development (CPD) course, this program empowers the entire school’s teaching staff with the latest research knowledge and effective teaching practices. It integrates into the school’s curriculum, while fostering word consciousness as an integral part of the school concept. This program’s comprehensive approach encompasses student, teacher, and school-level assimilation circles, all supported by our expert team of instructors.

After participating in this program, students demonstrated significant improvements across various measures, including reading fluency, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and theory of mind.

Safra’s Reaching Every Child Resource Center

At our center, we understand the unique challenges faced by educators when working with students who have LD. At our resource center we provide you with the tools, knowledge, and support you need to make a lasting impact in their lives.

Our resources encompasses: lesson plans, digital games, online assessments, etc tailored to address the diverse needs of students.

Our Digital Assessment Battery

Our digital assessment package offers a significant breakthrough in the field by replacing traditional, time-consuming evaluation methods with a fast and precise solution.

By swiftly identifying a child's strengths and areas that require focused attention, we equip parents and educators with invaluable insights to make informed and effective decisions.

Language and Literacy

Teacher socio-demographic background


Teacher ratings: academic, social-emotional and behavioral


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