Prof. Tami Katzir

Director of the Edmond J. Safra Brain Research Center For the Study of Learning Disabilities

Principal Researchers

Dr. Amit Yashar

Visual Attention and Cognition Lab

Prof. Anat Prior

Language Learning and Executive Function Laboratory

Prof. Asaid Khateb

The Main Laboratory for Neurocognitive Research, The Unit for the Study of the Arabic Language

Prof. Aviva Berkovitch-Ohana

The Neuro-phenomenological Lab for the Study of Brain, Mind, and Behavior

Prof. Bat-Sheva Hadad

Cognitive Developmental Lab

Prof. Avi Karni, M. D.

Human Brain & Learning Laboratory

Prof. David Share

Literacy and Writing Systems

Prof. Liat Goldfarb

The Laboratory for Attention

Prof. Noga Cohen

Emotion Lab

Prof. Mark Leikin

The Laboratory for the Study of Bilingualism

Dr. Shelley Shaul

The Neurocognitive Laboratory for Early Childhood: Prevention and Intervention of Learning Disabilities

Prof. Raphiq Ibrahim

Clinical Arabic program in Learning Disabilities

Prof. Orly Rubinsten

The Numerical Neurocognitive Research Laboratory

Dr. Orly Lipka

At-Risk Students and Teacher Training Research Laboratory

Prof. Michal Shany

Department of Learning Disabilities

Dr. Yafit Gabay

Learning and Language Research Laboratory

Dr. Sarit Szpiro

Amplilab – Amplifying People’s Abilities in and out of the Lab

Dr. Yasmin Shalhoub-Awwad

Visual Attention and Cognition Lab

Prof. Zohar Eviatar

Language Learning and Executive Function Laboratory

Adjunct Researchers

Dr. Baha Makhoul

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Safra Postdoctoral fellows

Dr. Rotem Yinon

Cognitive-linguistic profiles underlying reading difficulties in the two Hebrew writing versions

Dr. Afnan

The contribution of domain-specific skills and domain-general skills to reading and writing in fifth-grade children

Dr. Adi Avramovich

Reading comprehension and executive functions of skilled readers and individuals with learning disabilities, particularly students with ADHD

Safra Doctoral fellows

Dana Cohen

The role of cognitive flexibility in basic and complex mathematical and reading abilities from third grade to fifth grade

Gili Stolarski

How do reading self-concept and reading anxiety develop over time in monolingual and bilingual children, and if the teacher-student relationship mediates this relation?

Michal Sadan

The effect of Digital Vocabulary Games on Achievement Emotions and Learning Outcomes among Fourth and Fifth Grade Students with Varied Reading Profiles

Tal Erez-Hod

The Development of Hemispheric Lateralization of Word and Face Processing: A Longitudinal Observation of Pre-School and Elementary-School Students with and without Reading and Attention Difficulties

Rola Wakid

The role of selective attention in emotion regulation among children with symptoms of attention

Bayan Shehadey

Visual processing of derivational morphology in children with developmental dyslexia: Evidence from Arabic