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The Edmond J. Safra Research Center is dedicated to exploring the normal and abnormal development of linguistics and abilities among both Hebrew and Arabic speakers.

Our research spans diverse age groups ranging from early childhood to adulthood and delve into a wide range of aspects, including linguistic literacy abilities, cognitive processes, metacognition, and emotional factors involved in the reading process.

Using various research methods, we conduct field behavioral studies and cutting-edge laboratory research using our advanced electrophysiological equipment.

Our goal is to unravel the underlying mechanisms of reading abilities, thereby contributing to a deeper understanding of learning processes and difficulties in this domain.

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The Laboratory of Cognition, Emotion and Reading Comprehension

Prof. Tami Katzir

Literacy and Writing Systems

Prof. David Share

Early Childhood Laboratory Prevention and Intervention of Learning Disabilities

Dr. Shelley Shaul

The Unit for the Study of Arabic Language

Prof. Asaid Khateb